Because we believe that our skin deserves only natural ingredients we base these products on our home grown organic Olives and add nothing artificial

We are developing a range of skin products based on our organic Waitata Olives and native Kanuka Honey. Kanuka Honey is well know for its healing properties for rashes or skin impurities, while the Olive content of the product will leave your skin soft and smooth.

Kanuka face mask
Apply all over face and leave for max 10 mins, wash off with warm water.

Olive cream:
A soothing cream for face, hands and body can be applied any time any where.

Lip balm:
Based on healing Oliveoil, this balm moisturizes and leaves a gentle long lasting gloss on your lips, wonderful in New Zealands hot sunlight and ideal in windy conditions.

Because our products have no artificial additives, their consistency can vary and the balms will feel firmer in cold temperatures. Please be aware of any personal skin allergies and always do a batch test.